Safe Environment

NEW FOR 2019


From the Office of Child and Youth Protection:


After reviewing the evaluation and in an ongoing effort to better meet the needs of parishes, the Presbyteral Council recommended that we move forward with a new on-line training program called The CMG Connect Safe Environment Program. This program provides informed quality training and content, current best practices, advanced compliance technology, and is user friendly. Beginning January 1, 2019, The CMG Connect Safe Environment program will be used by all clergy, religious, deacons, employees, volunteers, and groups in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.


The Archdiocese of Galveston Houston has replaced VIRTUS with The CMG Safe Haven online training program. This training consists of 3 vignette style training videos that is approximately 90 minutes and will include a criminal background check that must be completed. These trainings are available in English and Spanish. The Diocese will no longer offer live trainings, all Safe Environment trainings will only be available online.




If you are over 18 and volunteer in a ministry that interacts with minors, vulnerable adults, or adults “in a vulnerable position” you should take the online course.


St. Anthony of Padua requires all adults involved with our parish youth, vulnerable adults, or adults “in a vulnerable position” to be in compliance with the Safe Environment qualifications. The following list of ministries MUST be in compliance:

  • Altar Servers
  • Confirmation
  • Life Teen
  • Am. Heritage Girls
  • Cub Scouts
  • Music Ministry (Choir Leads)
  • Anchor
  • EDGE
  • Nursery/Childcare
  • Boy Scouts
  • Eucharistic Visitation Ministry
  • Quinceanos Coordinators
  • Catholic Daughters of the Americas/JCDA
  • Girl Scouts
  • St. Anne’s Society
  • Children’s Faith Formation
  • Instituted Acolytes
  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word
  • Knights of Columbus/Squires
  • All Healing Ministries/Retreats/Activities
  • All Prayer Teams (that pray with other individuals no matter the age)



• If you have a VIRTUS account: Log into with your previous personal VIRTUS user id and 1234 as the password. Once logged in you will have the ability to change your password. This is recommended.

• If you do not have a VIRTUS account: Log into, and follow the instructions. Note: Your legal name (on your driver’s license/passport) is the name that one needs to use when registering. Not doing so may prohibit your information from being processed.





• If you have been VIRTUS trained in the past your information has been imported to CMGConnect. Please log in to using the instructions above to verify that all your information is accurate, and you are up to date in your trainings.


• If you are not in compliance the program will direct you to the training sessions you are required to take.


You will be required to take the training every 5 years. Please make sure your email address stays up to date at the CMGConnect website since this is how training notifications will be sent. Any questions can be directed to your staff ministry lead. If you are having a problem accessing your account information you can contact our Safe Environment Coordinators.

How To Report Abuse

For Minors (Under 18)

For Adults (18 & Up)

For adults who have been assaulted, please contact the local authorities at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 281-297-6500. If in immediate danger please call 911.

Para adultos que han sido agredidos, contáctese con las autoridades locales en la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Montgomery al 281-297-6500. Llame al 911 si está en peligro inmediato.

Abused At Another Institution?

If you are a victim of abuse at another institution (other than St. Anthony of Padua in The Woodlands, TX), it is important that you contact local civil authorities where the abuse took place to follow the protocol for that municipality.

Si usted es víctima de abuso en otra institución (que no sea St. Anthony of Padua en The Woodlands, TX), es importante que se ponga en contacto con las autoridades civiles locales donde ocurrió el abuso para seguir el protocolo de esa municipalidad.

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