Tutorial Video & FAQs

Where is the AMR computer?

The AMR no longer has a built in computer. Ministry leaders will need to provide their own computer or device to connect through either HDMI Wall In or AirPlay (for Apple users wanting wireless connection). Please plan ahead. Jump drives will no longer work unless it is connected to a device provided by the ministry leader.

How do I connect my computer to A/V control panel?

The only connection available in the AMR is an HDMI port located on the left column of the screen wall below the control panel. St. Anthony’s will always try to ensure an HDMI cable is available but it is always suggested to bring your own HDMI to HDMI 10ft cable as a back up. Unattached equipment has a tendency to “disappear” in common spaces on campus and so it always better to come prepared with your own cable. Most laptops have HDMI ports. Newer laptops that rely of USB-C ports (such as newer Macbook Pros from 2017 on) will require an adapter.


NOTE: If you are using an older laptop (2016 models and older) there is an increased chance for connectivity issues. Having the most updated software on your device will give you the best chance of a successful connection.

HDMI Cable View:

HDMI to USB-C Adapter View:
(Needed for Newer MacBook Pros)

How do I connect my iPad to A/V control panel?

There is an Apple TV connected in the AMR. After selecting “Audio/Projection” on the control panel, you can select the Apple TV option to bring up the home screen, which will provide instructions for connecting to AirPlay.

Can I connect my device to the internet?

Yes, internet connection is available through the Guest WiFi Network. Please contact or your main staff contact for current password. Password changes monthly on the first of the month.

Is a microphone available? How does it operate?

Yes, a wireless microphone is available in the AMR. It is located in the far right cabinet above the DVD player. To operate – make sure either the “Audio Only” or the “Audio/Projection” is powered up on the touch screen control panel. Once the panel is powered up in either manner, just turn the microphone switch on and begin speaking. Please make sure the microphone is returned properly to its charging station in the cabinet so that other groups will be able to utilize this equipment properly. 

Green light will illuminate when microphone is powered on. 

Where is the DVD player?

The DVD player is mounted to the cabinets when you enter the AMR. The DVD player must be powered on using the touch screen controls on the column to the left of the main screen. Once the system is powered on through the touch screen control panel – the operation of the DVD player can be managed from the touch screen or the actual mounted DVD player near the cabinets. The chosen DVD should be inserted and ejected in a normal fashion once the touch screen controls are powered on.

DVD Touchscreen Controls:

Standard DVD Remote Control Options Available

Can I adjust volume?

Volume controls are offered but with limitations to ensure speakers are not damaged. You can adjust volume on the touch screen control panel or on your device. Please do not tamper with the hanging speakers. This will damage the overall system which is digitally programmed.

What if my computer is not displaying after HDMI connection?

If you connect your computer using the HDMI port and nothing appears within a few seconds on the screen – make sure the HDMI source is selected on the touch screen panel. If there is still not a connection, then your HDMI cable, adapter (if applicable), or device port is likely damaged.

What is Bluetooth pairing?

The Bluetooth pairing option on the touchscreen control panel allows the user to pair any Bluetooth device to play house music through the speakers in the AMR. This is particularly beneficial if you have no need for projection but would like to provide a warm environment for your group. Once the device is paired – apps like iTunes, Spotify, and Podcasts can be played easily from your device. The Bluetooth network connection in the AMR is DN-200BR and can be paired through the Audio Only option on the touch screen control panel.