Ministry Leader Resources


Thank you for your YES to lead your ministry. Whether you have been the leader for 10 years or 10 days, we are grateful for your commitment and service.


We have created this page for all  leaders and their co-leaders to have access to all the resources they need to run a successful ministry at St. Anthony’s. You may have recieved this information in an email months ago, but in the moment when you need an answer, you would rather not search your entire inbox. So we have compiled all the information in one place.


If you have any questions about your ministry and want to talk to a Staff Member. Please reach out to your staff representative. If you are unsure of who that is, please click the button below.

Ministry Leader Resources

Communications Request

There are over 100+ ministries here at St. Anthony’s. We try to accomodate and help each ministry with their programs and meetings. When you would like something promoted, Please email any communication requests to not to the individual emails of Mary, Tracy, Jay, or Stephen.


Communication Options:

  • Bulletin
  • Website
  • Narthex/Lobby TV Screens
  • Facebook/Instagram/Twitter
  • Pulpit Announcements
  • Posters in Piazza Bulletin Boards


When you email, please be as clear and concise with your request. Please notate in your email if you want your information to appear in a specific area. Also notate specifically when and where your meeting/class/program is meeting. Lastly, in the subject line, please include the title of your ministry. 


When requesting, please note that information needs to be submitted well ahead of time. A good rule of thumb is at least 10+ days prior to publication date.

Facilities Request & Set-Up

Annual Scheduling:

  • Yearly schedules run from July 1 – June 30th.
  • Staff Representatives send out Meeting Request Forms in January every year.
  • PLB and STC classes and meetings will only have a 15 minute setup time and no clear time.
  • If a particular session is for socials please mark this on the annual schedule. In those instances a 30 minute setup time and a 15 minute clear time will be allotted.
  • Annual schedules should be well thought out to avoid the need for additional scheduling.
  • Once annual scheduling is complete and confirmed schedules will be sent to Staff Representatives to review before forwarding to Ministry Leads.
  • Any additional room or event requests beyond the confirmed schedule must be sent to your Staff Rep. for approval. The Facility Planner can only schedule meetings and events that meet the guidelines and programming direction of Staff Reps. If a need does arise please include the following in your room request to Staff Representative.
    • Name of Ministry
    • Requested date and time
    • Length of meeting
    • Facility Planner will schedule and send confirmation to the Staff Coordinator



Room Information:

  • Facilities only provides setups for the AMR, Gym, and Sheltz Hall. Please include a setup diagram when requesting these locations if items needed go beyond the normal layout (see below).
  • The STC and PLB have standard setups that each ministry can modify for their needs. All rooms must be returned to normal at the end of each meeting. Pictures of normal room setup are provided in each location.
  • AV must be requested for the gym and Sheltz Hall. Every other meeting space comes equipped with the ability for AV. Ministries must supply their own laptop. It is the responsibility of the ministry to verify their equipment and program is compatible before their meeting/event. For more details on AV Set-up and Tutorials, click the tab below.
  • All locations have access to coffee. It is the responsibility of all ministries to clean out the coffee pots before leaving.
  • All food items must be removed from the meeting room campus after each meeting. No food should be left on campus without prior approval from Facilities.
  • If the kitchens are used they must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before leaving with all items washed and properly stored.
  • All lights must be turned off upon completion of all meetings.
  • All blinds must be down and closed upon completion of all meetings.


Normal Setups:

  • AMR: 7 rounds of 8 chairs and 4 rectangles, podium: include the setup sheet if different from the normal setup.
  • Sheltz Hall: 8 large cafeteria tables and 16 narrow meeting tables with attached benches that convert to benches with backs. Podium with mic.
  • Gym: bleachers closed, podium, screen
  • STC120: 12 meeting tables with 3 chairs at each, additional seating in the back; total capacity =100, podium
  • STC110: 40 chairs, 2 rectangles, podium
  • PLB202, 203, 204, 209: 6 rectangles, 18-24 chairs per room, podium
  • PLB205: 10 rectangles with 4 chairs, total capacity = 90, podium, Facilities does not provide setups. Each room has a standard setup that can be modified for meetings by the ministry. All rooms must be left in normal setup (picture located in each location) before leaving the space.
  • Church Narthex: If tables are needed this request can be emailed to the Facility Planner or placed in the Notes section of a setup sheet.


Items Available from Facilities for Setups:

  • Round tables – 6’
  • Stacking chairs
  • Folding chairs
  • Rectangle tables- 6’, inside use
  • Rectangle tables-6’, outside use
  • Cafeteria tables, large
  • Bench cafeteria tables; double as a narrow table with a bench seat or can be used as bench seating with a back
  • Portable wall – 6’ tall
  • Portable wall – 8’ tall (gym stage only)
  • Large screen (gym stage only)
  • AV cart (Sheltz Hall or Gym stage only)
  • Mic Box (gym use only; items needed must be noted on gym setup sheet)
  • Sign stands and easels are the responsibility of each ministry. Facilities does not have any to provide. Please contact your Staff Rep to provide these items if available.

Where do I find my Ministry Schedule?

After you send in your Scheduling Request in the Early Spring, you should recieve a finalized schedule from your staff representative or from facilities towards the end of the Spring Semester. Please note, what you submited for your scheduling request is not a guarentee that you will get exactly what you asked for.


If you do not have your current schedule, please email your staff representative for the most current schedule.


If you are cancelling an event or going to meet less than you originally planned. Please email your staff representative of the change so they can email the Facilities team. This will help save money on A/C, Set-up, etc. 

Clergy Request

If you need a Clergy member for one of your events or retreats, please fill out the request below for each and every event/meeting you need a Clergy for.


Please note that requests are not granted until you receive a confirmation email from Sue Dewlen.

Clergy Request Form

Childcare Request

If you are a ministry leader and interested in having childcare for your members during an upcoming or ongoing event please submit the form below.

AV Tutorials

Some of you may have noticed that there have been some upgrades in the PLB classrooms and in the AMR. We hope that these changes improve and enhance your ministry. Some important notes:

  • There are no longer any computers in the classrooms, St. Teresa Center, or in the AMR. You will need to bring your own laptop if you wish to connect to the system. 
  • You will need an HDMI adapter cord for your computer to connect to the system. 
  • There is a DVD player in every room, so if you are a DVD based program, then you are set up.
  • There is an Apple TV in the AMR, Room 205 in the PLB, Room 110 in the STC, and 120 in the STC. If you have an Apple TV, you can use AirDisplay to stream your device onto the TV’s.

If you have any questions about connections/cables/adapters/etc., or would like to test out your setup before your ministry starts, please email Jay Martin and set up an appointment at least 2-3 weeks in advance to your event/meeting date.

Jay Martin
Marketing and Media Manager


Safe Environment


All clergy, employees, contracted school personnel, and volunteers over the age of 18, who work in any capacity with or around children, the elderly, adults with special needs, vulnerable adults, or adults “in a vulnerable position” are required to complete the Archdiocesan Safe Environment Training. A criminal background check must be submitted and reviewed before they may begin employment or volunteer at schools or with ministries, groups, movements, and organizations. In addition, the mandatory renewal training must be completed every 5 years and a new background check submitted. The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Safe Environment compliance training and renewal training is a condition of employment and for volunteer ministry in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. St. Anthony of Padua requires all adults volunteering with our parish be in compliance with the Safe Environment qualifications.


• If you have a VIRTUS account: Log into www.CMGConnect.orgwith your previous personal VIRTUS user id and 1234 as the password. Once logged in you will have the ability to change your password. This is recommended.

• If you do not have a VIRTUS account: Log into, and follow the instructions. Note: Your legal name (on your driver’s license/passport) is the name that one needs to use when registering. Not doing so may prohibit your information from being processed.




• If you have been VIRTUS trained in the past your information has been imported to CMGConnect. Please log in to using the instructions above to verify that all your information is accurate, and you are up to date in your trainings.


• If you are not in compliance the program will direct you to the training sessions you are required to take.


You will be required to take the training every 5 years. Please make sure your email address stays up to date at the CMGConnect website since this is how training notifications will be sent. Any questions can be directed to your staff ministry lead. If you are having a problem accessing your account information you can contact our Safe Environment Coordinators.

Email Safe Environment Coordinators

Copy Room Usage

Last year we asked you to help us be good stewards of our resources, especially the copy room usage. With y’alls help, we have saved over $15,000. Yes, you read that right – fifteen thousand!!! So thank you for your help in achieving that. As we prepare for the start of our programs there is A LOT of volunteers in the copy room. We ask that you evaluate what needs to be printed and be modest in the number of copies you need. If you run out, we can always print more.



We also ask that you continue to cut back on the color copies.  So we are asking to not print over 50 pages in color and no more booklet printing. This means for retreats, events, classes, etc. Please do not use the Color Printer to print black and white copies. Use Workroom #1 and Workroom #2 for black and white copies.

Active Shooter Training

In the awful event of an active shooter, we want to take the appropriate actions and be able to act quickly. If an active shooter had been inside a building the first action would have been to RUN if possible and then HIDE secondarily. The best way to prepare is to watch this video and discuss it with your Core Team members. Let us know if you have any questions. ***Please note, not all of the classrooms on campus are equipped with the locking mechanisms as seen in the video. In this case, follow the steps to barricade the door to the best of your ability.