Why We Give

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart also be.” Matthew 6:21

There’s no better investment in the world than the local parish.
It is where people meet Jesus and lives are changed.

We Give in 4 Key Areas:

General Offertory


The General Offertory is to the parish what your paycheck is for your family. This is how the bills get paid: utility bills, insurance, salaries for clergy and staff, and all the other line items you see in the annual or quarterly financial reports. The weekly offering is the collection (the first one if there are two in any given week) taken up at Mass. Your gift keeps the lights and a/c on, maintains our church and other parish campus buildings, provides fair wages and benefits to parish staff. Your support allows St. Anthony of Padua to share the Gospel message and the joy of knowing Jesus Christ.

St. Anthony of Padua - Why We Give



What does it mean to give to “Missions”? The broad areas of ministry that receive support include: our Faith Formation programs for children, teens and adults; pastoral ministries for the sick, the poor and the incarcerated; the formation and education of church leadership; social service programs such as St. Anthony’s Bread, St. Vincent de Paul, our annual Honduras Mission and Catholic Charities. Individual contributions to cannot be designated to specific ministries as funds are allocated based on the needs of each ministry. This ensures that all ministries in our parish benefit from your gift. Giving to “Missions” online is the same as 2nd collections at Mass. Find the schedule of Second Collections here.

Diocesan Service Fund


When you give of your resources for DSF, you are answering the call of discipleship in a most concrete and effective way that benefits the common good of the whole Archdiocese. Each year, the Diocesan Services Fund (DSF) operates in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston to help the Church carry out the ministries of teaching and sanctifying. Of the sixty-plus programs under its umbrella, DSF brings the needed financial resources to carry out these same ministries.

Greater Glory of God Capital Campaign


This is our ongoing efforts to expand the larger facilities on our campus. We have completed Phase 1a & 1b of the project and are still moving towards Phase 2 & Phase 3. This will ensure we can continue to serve the community well into the future.