Bride Resources


Your wedding day will take a great deal of planning and we are here to help. The Celebration of Matrimony is within the Liturgy and below are all the guidelines to keep in mind and follow. Please note a few resources :

  • Wedding Checklist/Timeline – This will give you a glimpse of what needs to get done and when.
  • Marriage Preparation Guidebook – This contains the steps that you need to take in order to complete marriage preparation. Including the Documents that are required.
  • Planning Your Wedding Day Guidebook – This contains all the information below, with more information on Music Selections.

Wedding Resources

Wedding Fees


St. Anthony of Padua is pleased to celebrate your marriage ceremony at our Parish. As with everything else, there are costs associated with keeping our beautiful Church operational and properly maintained. The fees below do not cover the entire costs of having your wedding here, but they do help defray the expenses of hosting your wedding.


The Reservation Fee can be paid via Credit Card, Cash, or Check. Payment plans are available. Please contact Mary Batey with your preferred method of payment. The Reservation fee must be paid in full 2 weeks before the Wedding Date.


  • Mass or LOW in the Church (Parishioner):                     $ 500.00
  • Mass or LOW in the Church (Non-Parishioner):           $ 1,000.00
  • Mass or LOW in the Chapel:                                                  $ 300.00
  • Convalidation LOW in the Church or Chapel:                $ 200.00



  • Altar Server (Required for Mass)                                                  $ 25.00
    To be given in cash Wedding Coordinator at the wedding rehearsal.

    • Clergy Offering                                                                        $ TBD By Couple
      This is not required. If you wish to do something, the amount is to be determined by the couple. This should be given to the Wedding Coordinator at the wedding rehearsal, please place in envelope.
  • Worship Aid/Wedding Program (Not Required)                   $50.00
    If you would like to have a worship aid printed and formatted for you, please contact Mary Batey  2 months in advance.



St. Anthony of Padua’s Music Ministry fees are listed below. Please submit your request for music at at least 6 months in advance. Payments are to be given to the Wedding Coordinator at the wedding rehearsal, please place in an envelope.

  • Accompanist                                                                        $ 200.00
  • Cantor                                                                                   $ 150.00
  • Outside Musician(s)                                                          $ TBD By Couple
  • Technician Fee                                                                   $ 75.00
    Technician Fee may be applied if additional set up is required or an Outside Musician is used.   


  • Prepare & Enrich Assessment                                        $ 35.00
    This is a one-time payment for the couple to take the Prepare and Enrich Assessment.
  • POMS Session                                                 $ 40.00
    This is a one-time payment for the couple to attend the Vocation of Marriage Session.

Liturgy Selection For Wedding Ceremony

Please use the Rite of Matrimony guidebook (below) to guide you through this selection process. This needs to be submitted at least 2 months before your wedding so your Wedding Coordinator can contact you to discuss details of your rehearsal and wedding day. Any questions please contact :

Rite of Matrimony Guidebook Wedding Liturgy Selection Form Formulario de Selecciones de Boda Order of the Mass/LOW

Music for your Wedding

Our office is here to assist couples with music preparations for weddings.  Music is a normal part of any Sacrament and we want to make sure that all music needs are met, so advance planning is important.   Your answers to the questions below will help us assist you in choosing musicians for your wedding.  Once confirmed, those musicians will then help you choose the music for your wedding.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If there is to be music in the liturgy, it can only be Live Music. You are not allowed to play music through a streaming site such as iTunes, Spotify, etc.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are not planning on using St. Anthony Musicians, but would rather have a family member or friend sing for your wedding, it MUST BE APPROVED by our Music Ministry Department. You still need to fill out the request for music form. The reason being is that all the music selected must be approved. There is set up required for all the equipment which requires a St. Anthony’s Technician to be present. We cannot accommodate any last-minute “I would like _______ to sing a few songs at our wedding.” It all has to be approved by our Music Ministry Department at least 6 months in advance. 



Even though it is the norm, there are a couple of instances where music is optional.

  • If your wedding is to be held in our Chapel, music is optional. If you do not want to have music, then you do not need to fill out the request form. If you do want music, please fill out the request form below.
  • If your wedding is a Convalidation or a small private Wedding on a weekday, you are not required to have music.


If you have any questions please contact :

Josh Blakesley
Music Ministry Coordinator

Request for Music Guide for Music Selections

Wedding Programs

Wedding Programs or Worship aids should be more than just a program with names in the ceremony. Worship aids should serve as a source for Catholics and non-Catholic alike who are invited guests to your wedding so that they may actively participate in the prayers that are being offered during your wedding ceremony. It can also provide music lyrics for them to follow along and sing. It is a simple aid printed on either white or cream paper with black ink. We encourage the bride and groom to keep a copy as a memento and any extras left over are sent home with the family to either keep or send off to relatives or friends who were unable to attend.


If you need help with formatting and printing worship aides there is a $50 service fee – up to 250 worship aides.  Template available upon request. Please email Mary Batey to request the Worship Aide, at least 2 months before your wedding. 

Tips for Creating a Worship Aide Wedding Program Templates for Sale

The Wedding Party (Roles & Dress Codes)

All members of the wedding party (attendants, ushers, parents, readers, etc.) should be encouraged to attend the rehearsal. During the rehearsal the wedding coordinator will go over placement, how to approach and leave the altar/ambo/lectern, procession and dismissal with all involved, and where to sit and stand during the celebration.

  • The Bride and bridesmaids are asked to please be mindful of the necessary modesty of dress that is appropriate for the reverent respect for the Church and the liturgy. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator of Marriage Preparation for approval. If you plan on doing anything unique regarding the dress for either the Bride, Groom and/or bridal party, please consult with the Coordinator for approval from the Pastor. (ex. ~ tennis shoes for groomsmen, overalls, etc. are not allowed)
  • Wedding Party: Bridesmaids and groomsmen should be kept within a reasonable number (between 1 and 8). Why? There is not an ample amount of room on the pradaella for more than this number and having a large wedding party can detract from the bride and groom.
  • Children in the wedding party: Flower Girls and Ring Bearers should be of an appropriate age of maturity. We highly recommend 5+.
  • Wagons, signs reading “Here Comes the Bride”, pets, etc. are not allowed. If anything outside of the allowed matrimonial liturgical procession is wanting to be used, you must receive approval from the Coordinator of Marriage Preparation.
  • Ushers : We encourage at least 2 gentlemen, separate from the groomsmen, to serve as ushers. Their primary responsibilities are to welcome and seat guests and family members. This is a great opportunity for the groomsmen to help out and welcome the community to the wedding ceremony.

Entrance & Exit Order (Procession & Recessional)

A Catholic wedding takes place in the context of the Sacred Liturgy. The Rite of Marriage may be celebrated within a Liturgy of the Word or within the Nuptial Mass. The Nuptial Mass is celebrated only when both parties are practicing Catholics. During the Rite of Marriage, the Church seeks God’s blessings for the newlyweds and the couple professes their solemn vows to God and to each other.



  • Seating of Grandparents
  • Seating of Mothers or Parents
  • Cross Bearer/Altar Server (for nuptial mass)
  • Priest and/or Deacon (optional: with groom)


(Please refer to p.6-7 of your Together for Life book in regard to questions about the procession.) Your Together for Life book will have you pick which entrance you would like to use for the Wedding Party and the Bride and Groom. The options are:



  • Both bride and groom accompanied by parents, preceded by bridesmaids, groomsmen, and presiding clergy.
  • Both bride and groom accompanied by parents, preceded by bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Bride accompanied by parents, preceded by bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Bride accompanied by father, preceded by bridesmaids and groomsmen.




  • Groom and Bride
  • Groomsmen/Bridal Attendants [as couples]
  • Parents (as married couples, if applicable)
  • Altar Server [if any], Priest and/or Deacon (may exit from to the side)
  • Guests



**If a couple choose to include the tradition of the Arras (coins), Lazo or Bible – those individuals will come in [in that order] after the priest and/or Deacon or can be seated on their own before the procession begins.


**Padrinos (“godparents”) do not need to be part of the processional, but if desired, the most appropriate place is just before or just after the grandparents and parents.

Flowers, Candles, Decor

The Church building of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church is a sacred place where we gather, pray, and celebrate. The architectural beauty of our Church and the furnishings of the celebrations of liturgy are designed to express a sense of unity and “noble simplicity.” Decorations used at weddings should be appropriate to the space and a quality that reflects the dignity of Christian Marriage. The following policies are provided in order that the beauty of the Church be respected and maintained.



  • No decorations are required. The natural beauty of the Church and its décor already enhance the dignity of the wedding ceremony.
  • Décor for weekend Masses including special seasonal décor (Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter) may not be changed or moved. During these times, additional décor should be appropriate to the season. Please consult with the Coordinator of Marriage Preparation for this information.
  • All existing plants, flowers and pedestals in the Church are to be left in place unless specific permission has been given to remove them. Contact the Coordinator of Marriage Preparation for permission. If moved, return all items to their original place after the ceremony.
  • If flowers or plants are to be left in the Church after the wedding ceremony, please inform the Coordinator of Marriage Preparation & your Wedding Coordinator.
  • FLOWERS: One (1) or two (2) arrangements may be used in the sanctuary space (altar area). Sanctuary flowers should be large enough to be visible but never obstruct the action of the liturgy. Flower arrangements may be used at the baptismal font. Please refer to the Chapel/Church Layout (pg. 20 & 21) provided for placement of arrangements.
  • POTTED PLANTS: Plants used must have waterproof pot covers or placed in saucers to protect the carpeting. Suggestion: Use potted plants instead of flowers and then use the potted plants in the couple’s first home.
  • PEW DECORATIONS: Pews must not be scratched. Use of plastic clips, tape, Velcro, staples, clamps, floral pins, etc., is not allowed. Bows, greenery or floral sprays may be used only if attached with a ribbon loop. Please consider the weight of the flowers. Heavier bouquets do not hang well.
  • FLOWER PETALS: Flower petals (real or artificial) may not be thrown or dropped down in the aisles. Rice, birdseed, confetti, flower petals, etc., may not under any circumstances be thrown on the Church grounds.
  • RUNNERS: Runners are not allowed.
  • CANDLES: Existing sanctuary candles are used in the wedding ceremony. Candelabrum may be used. Florist must provide adequate plastic floor covering under the candelabrum to protect the floor. Candelabrum must be non-drip. See Chapel/Church Layout for placement of candelabrum. Aisle candles may only be used if they are battery operated.
  • UNITY CANDLE: (optional) Couples are responsible for providing the candles and candle stand. The lighting of the Unity Candle by the Bride and Groom is not part of the Roman Catholic ritual and therefore is omitted.
  • The Church is available for floral setup no earlier than one (1) hour before the wedding. Florists, please respect this schedule.
  • Florists are responsible to reclaim any pedestals, etc., they provide immediately after the ceremony. The Church should be left in the same order it was found. Florists are responsible for cleanup of any leftover pedals, twigs, etc.

Photography & Videography

Photographs provide lasting memories of the wedding ceremony. The taking of these photographs, however, must never distract the bride, groom and their guests at the wedding from the prayerful dignity of the liturgy of Christian Marriage. Careful observance of the following policies is expected. All policies cover the church and chapel.



  • The Church is available for photography no earlier than ONE (1) HOUR before the wedding. Pictures of the Ushers must be completed no later than 15 MINUTES before the wedding so as not to interfere with their duties of ushering guests.
  • Setup of photographic equipment must be completed 10 MINUTES before the wedding begins. THE WEDDING CEREMONY MUST START ON TIME.
  • The photographer is not allowed in the SANCTUARY (altar area) for the taking of pictures or videos during the ceremony.
  • NO FLASH photography nor special lighting is allowed DURING THE CEREMONY. After the ceremony flash and special lights may be used/setup.
  • Picture taking after the ceremony is limited immediately following the wedding. Everyone must exit, and equipment cleared from the church at the end of the 3-hour church reservation.
  • A still-photographer is permitted to move during the ceremony as long as he/she remains out of the view of the congregation and the celebrant.
  • Please remember that you are at a sacramental celebration and proper attire is expected while on campus.




  • Video equipment may be set up in the Church no earlier than ONE (1) HOUR before the wedding.
  • A Chapel/Church Layout (pg. 20 & 21) is provided with the area marked where video cameras are permitted. VCR’s are to remain stationary and located in front of the columns by the choir area & the left pie area. In the chapel they must be in the back and out of the way of the guests.
  • Neither professional nor guests taking video are permitted on the altar during any part of the wedding ceremony.
  • Persons making videos using cordless microphones must check with the Facilities Manger to insure there are no conflicts with the Parish cordless microphones no later than two weeks before the wedding ceremony. Jeannie Halbach:
  • Bright lights on video cameras are not allowed.

Use of Church, Parlor, & Family Room


  • Time Allowed: The Church is reserved three hours for your wedding, this includes the ceremony. This reservation begins 1 hour prior to your scheduled wedding. The time before the ceremony can be used for floral decorations and picture taking.
  • Weddings must begin at the scheduled time to retain time for pictures after the ceremony. All pictures and clean up must be concluded at the end of the three-hour reservation.
  • Clothing: No clothing may be delivered directly to the Church or Church offices.
  • Guest Register: (Optional) A guest register may be placed in the Narthex (gathering area just outside the entry to the Church).
  • Receiving Lines: No receiving lines are held at the Church.
  • No Smoking, Food or Drink (other than bottled water) is allowed in the Church.
  • Rice, Birdseed, Confetti, Flower Petals, etc. may not, under any circumstances, be thrown on the Church grounds or inside the Church.
  • Aisle Runners: For your safety, aisle runners may not be used in the Church or on the Church grounds.
  • Worship Aids: May be placed on the round table in the Narthex for guests as they arrive. We offer a worship aid service fee of $25 for an amount up to 250 on basic white or ivory linen paper with black text and can send an example when requested. If you outsource the worship aid, please add the following lines at the back of your aid: “We would love for you to take this aid as a memento of our wedding day, otherwise please deposit at the entrance of the church and leave your pew as you found it upon your arrival to our beloved sanctuary of St. Anthony’s.”



We invite the Bride and her attendants to use the parlor and adjacent restroom for dressing. The following policies are to be observed:

  • The Parlor is available for the Bride and attendants one (1) hour before the wedding.
  • NO SMOKING in this area or any area of the complex.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK (except bottled water) in this area or any area of the complex. ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED.
  • For safety and security, please designate a family member or friend to care for your personal belongings. Wedding parties must remove all personal belongings from the parlor area prior to the start of the wedding ceremony.
  • Please leave the area neat and clean as you found it upon your arrival once the ceremony has concluded.



This is the Bridal Party Designated Area. We invite the Groom and his attendants to use the Church family room and adjacent men’s restroom for waiting. The same offer is extended to the Bridesmaids and the adjacent women’s restroom. The following policies are to be observed:

  • The Family Room is available for the Groom, groomsmen & bridesmaids one (1) hour before the Wedding.
  • NO SMOKING in this area or any area of the complex.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK (except bottled water) in this area or any area of the complex. ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED.
  • This area may be used for waiting or use of the adjacent restroom for changing.
  • For safety and security reasons, please designate a family member or friend to care for your personal belongings. A bridal party tote is suggested for holding their personal items: car keys, cellphones, makeup, etc. Wedding parties must remove all personal belongings from the Family Room area prior to the start of the wedding ceremony.
  • Please leave the area neat and clean as you found it upon your arrival once the ceremony has concluded.

Church & Chapel Layout